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Gos d'Atura dog Chester, born about 2005, medium size,
Weight: too little (18 kg)
Leishmaniasis positive.

Chester came from near a mountain village, where he was found by local residents. He wandered around there for weeks and was tolerated more or less from him and a woman is and leftover food out.

The dog could barely stand on his legs so weak he was when he came at us in the private shelter for El Arca Monzn. His eyes were filled with mucus and pus, and his mouth was full of blisters and swollen. Everything can be the brave man without hesitation go through, whether cleaning or applying eye cream. He must have touched around for months, he probably got lost in the last hunting season, a hunter.

According to heal and the rigidities in the face and open wounds on ears, tail and on the paws. Chester is still not too much, most like he is behind the hospital and likes to sleep. But when he sees or hears us, he joyfully wagging his tail and is already often running up to you.

We appreciate the love of dogs 4-6 years, it is medium in size and he's totally underweight, but what at first glance does not look the same, because he has so shaggy fur.
Our assumption was confirmed that Chester leishmaniasis is positive. He is treated with Alopurinol and will also receive up preparations for the skin (oleo-Derm), because this is very flaky.

Chester has now also been castrated.

Toll would have a house with a fenced yard where he could also spend time during the day. Cheste certainly would have nothing averse to sharing his bed with a nice dog lady.

[Update = 10/10/2011] Today there was a new, nasty biting attacks against Chester, who has incredibly lucky. We do not know why the dogs were fighting, but could intervene early to prevent bad wircklich
Chester's right ear was bleeding very heavily, as much a part of his face. [/ Update]

After treatment at 02 08th 2010:

Beissatacke on 10 10th 2011:

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