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Jaca-Oktober 2011

Urgent help needed for Jaca!

Dear Animal Friends,

We would like to introduce our new project Jaca and combine this with the same time an urgent call to this station:

Jaca is a city in the Spanish province of Huesca (Aragon). Jaca is located at 818 m above sea level on the southern edge of the Pyrenees and the winters are very cold in Jaca, in part, to minus 14 degrees. The station is really lacking in everything, especially bad is that the sides of the building are not closed and the roof of the building is broken, as can be seen in the pictures. We would like to urgently ask for donations to be made before the cold snap and close the roof at least not from above or moisture from entering.

The danger is that older and weaker animals freeze to death. Chu, the Spaniard who lives really only for the animals, told us that they must beat the winter morning with a pimple the ice from the bowls.

Please help, we need to create the station before the onset of winter a little insurance against the cold.The dogs did not have any opportunity to warm up and make a donation to help the lives of 50 dogs to improve!

Here the account is where you can transfer the donations:
[Data Bank]

Password: shelter Jaca

The donations will be transferred to Spain as always 1:1 and again of course, all donations made transparent on our website from the ASPCA Europe.

The dogs and all the volunteers of the little club will thank you!

Your TSV-Europe team

Here's a video:

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