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This dog is Lassie. And she seems to be a pure Collie. She appeared in Jan a few days ago. She had a piece of wire surrounding her head. We were called by a woman that felt pity of her and wanted to help her somehow. And when Cristina arrived she found a very beautiful dog that was very thin, scruffy, dirty and hungry. So she decided to take her to the shelter hoping that she will be adopted very soon. As you know our shelter is not a good place and it is absolutely full, so the only reason why Cristina took Lassie is because she thinks that there will be soon someone interested in her adoption. We have seen that Lassie has got a chip. So we decided to call to his owner. But first we called to a welfare organization that is placed in the same village where the owner of Lassie lives. They told us that Lassie has always been alone in a country house and that her owner did not love her at all. In fact, Lassie's physical state is quite bad. This race of dogs have got a very beautiful hair, but Lassie's hair is very dirty and it seems that she has never visited a hairdresser. We have asked in the Police and we have seen that Lassie's disaparition has not been denounced by her owner. So we suppose that her owner is not worried at all. This is the reason why we are looking now for a second chance for Lassie in Germany. It should be a place where she can find now the love that she did not know in her first life. As you can see in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ukwycKCJ30 Lassie is a very calm dog that is ok with children and also with other dogs. According to her chip she was born the 22nd October of 2006. So she will be 5 years old in a few days. We hope that she can celebrate her next birthday by the side of a lovely German family.

Nina Friedrich (Languages: German, English)
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