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Portrait Name: Rubio
Race: Mongrel
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 02.2010 (10 years old)
Approximate Height: 30 cm
Residence: Andjar

Rubio is a cute little half-breed boy with a shoulder height of only about 30 cm. The cute little guy is only about 1 to 2 years old.
He is one of the many dogs that belong to a living in Cordoba alcoholics. Since this man is overwhelmed financially with the many dogs on the one hand and a good supply and responsible stewardship and care of the dogs are not on the other hand, ensures tries Alberto poor animals successively to get into his shelter, to help them, loving families in Switzerland, Austria or Germany to see that they finally get a real chance in life to finally get hold of the famous "Place in the Sun".
Even the poor Rubio had very bad luck and had a lot to take part: He was recently hit by a car and very seriously injured on the right hind leg. He had immediately taken to the hospital and medical treatment. Now the dog-hearted boy waits with his big innocent, questioning eyes and that "I understand this world does not stand and must be in so much pain" look urgently for surgery, which will certainly be very complicated.Since the bone is broken in several places, a metal plate is to be used.
The operation cost will amount to approximately 900 and maybe we can find a couple of animal lovers who wish to participate, because Alberto's small animal shelter can not afford this sum alone.
Here are the account details and as always we will list the donations transparent to our website. Please enter the following password for a bank transfer to: Rubio - Alberto.
[Data bank]
The healing process will take quite a long time and undoubtedly it is quite possible that suffer the sweet guy and his handicapped due to a paralysis of the accident for his life. But we will not give up hope in advance and wish the treasure that he is completely healthy again and will be able to go back to normal.
His character is to say that Rubio is a loveable, outgoing, very obedient dog boy, just simply a very fine little fellow!
If, after the surgery and recovery time would be interested in the little guy, Rubio's luck would absolutely perfect!Please get in touch with his contact Rita Black.

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Rita Schwarz (Languages: German, English)
Phone: 0 71 72 18 36 35 (ab 19:00)
Mobile: 0176-27 90 26 79